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BenevolentAI achieves second major collaboration milestone with novel idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis target selected for AstraZeneca’s portfolio

Odyssey Announces Agreement to Combine with BenevolentAI

Odyssey Acquisition successfully raises €300 million via a private placement of units

Odyssey Acquisition Intention to Float


Webcast Presentation on the Business Combination with BenevolentAI

PIPE Presentation

PIPE Supplementary Materials


Amended & Restated Articles of Association

Warrant Terms & Conditions

Escrow Agreement

Insider Trading Policy

Auditor's report

Board rules

Notification PDMR Yoel Zaoui

Notification PDMR Michael Zaoui

Odyssey Acquisition S.A. is a Luxembourg-governed company that is intended to be listed on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange (the “Company”). The Company will therefore not be obliged to either adhere to Luxembourg’s or the Netherland’s corporate governance regime.